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Yet another blog at this current domain. Some kind of joke intended to ridicule my inability to churn out an article? Maybe.

New year, new blog. I’ve made some resolutions, and this website is a part of it. Resolutions in general have gotten a bad rap, but I could care less. The new year is a convenient time to measure the past year and decide on the changes.

What resolutions? Of course.

There’s three and for the first time in years, losing fat and regaining high school football form isn’t one of them. I’ve already started the process three months ago on purpose, because I’m rather tired of the 7893475 times I’ve started a ketogenic diet only to be defeated by Mexican candy, so I’m going to just do it.

This year, resolutions will be fun and meaningful.

Invest in myself

The most important investment you can make is in yourself. Very few people get anything like their potential horsepower translated into the actual horsepower of their output in life. Potential exceeds realization for many peopleā€¦The best asset is your own self. You can become to an enormous degree the person you want to be.

- Warren Buffet, Oracle of Omaha

While I believe I’ve been doing plenty of self-investment since graduating from college with a business degree - programming is quite the mental hypertrophy, I’ve missed out on opportunities to improve certain aspects of self.

Relatively speaking, I already do read and write a lot, but the vast majority is superficial i.e., writing marketing copy and reading articles from Hacker News, Twitter, etc. None of that replaces the cognitive exercise you get from long and dense pieces that force you into the deep recesses of your brain.

I’ve had this problem since childhood - my disdain for books worried my mom, herself a voracious reader, as it highlighted the possibility of illiteracy. Obviously things turned out fine, but it’s embarrassing that only a hand is needed to count 200+ page books I’ve finished on my own accord. Also, Malcolm X’s incredible account about learning to read. The book reading list will include black history, computer science, economics, and random topics that capture the zeitgeist of the past and present. Start writing about the same subjects too.

Finally, I’m going to do more math. I’ve become more mathematically inclined with continued exposure to engineering, so it only makes sense to build on that.

Start drawing again

Yes. I drew a lot as a kid, and I’m pretty damn good. There is no reason why the drawing stopped, but I’ll start having fun with it again for the lack of a reason.

Most of my skills are in pen/cil art, but I’d like to do more digital stuff too, along with trying other art disciplines such as painting. Artwork will be posted here.


All of above, to show.

One of the most disappointing realizations of the past year - I’ve learned tons of shit, but have little to show for it. There are no excuses - I started some personal projects but never finished them. It’s all on me and this is the year which projects will be finished and shared. This website will be a record of such projects, so check back here periodically.

Lastly, the idea that only one life is lived is one that I regard as true. As a result I promised myself to have more fun, especially with playing sports. 2015 got dat feel that it’ll be the best year yet but as always, only time will tell.

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