William Albright

Full stack web engineer interested in accessible products, challenging work, and social missions. Love learning technologies and working with people from all backgrounds.


Software Developer - AllOut Marketing - Dec 2016 to Now

End to end Ruby on Rails design and development for university clients.

Developed Schemer to record user responses to video-based prompts. It can be used to adminster sign language surveys and Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks for Deaf people with basic literacy skills.

Deafverse, a Schemer game designed by National Deaf Center at University of Texas to teach basic life skills to Deaf kids, captured 1000 signups 3 weeks after launch in April 2018. Deaf Health Communication and Quality of Life Center at Gallaudet University conducts surveys with Schemer for grant-funded research.

Implemented branching navigation with Ruby form objects that validated user responses stored in a PostgresSQL JSON column to determine logical skips and invalid input. Hashed resource urls allowed admins to toggle user login requirements. Amazon S3 and CloudFront optimized file storage and delivery. Multiple tier Heroku server pipeline setups ensured parity and diligence.

Software Consultant - Freelance - Dec 2014 to Now

Full service web design and development for various clients.

Developed marketing websites and business apps with Ruby on Rails, Middleman, dockerized Wordpress, LocomotiveCMS, and Shopify. Heroku, Amazon Web Services, and Pantheon.io used often.

Computer Lab Coordinator - Ohlone College Deaf Studies - 2016 to 2017

Third Employee / Developer Intern - Linguabee - 2013 to 2014

Computers and IT Tutor - Ohlone College Deaf Studies - 2014

Substitute Teacher - California School for the Deaf - 2012


Gallaudet University - B.S. Business Administration - May 2011